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Welcome to RockArt…

...specialists in putting the finishing touch to your paving.

Manufacturers and installers of both standard and bespoke products.

RockArt's range of paving services include...

Installation of stainless steel or brass blister paving.
Demarcation products.
Inlay logos and designs into any paving.
Anti-Skateboard fittings and Skate deterrents.
Hazard warning fittings in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 2004 requirements.

You can simply e-mail us your detail or use our contact form, and we will assist in any way we can.

Stainless Steel corduroy strips into Caithness Stone flag paving RockArt manufactures & retro-fits DDA compliant fittings

RockArt Europe Ltd. Suite No 1, 22 Notting Hill Gate, London, UK. W11 3JE
Tel 020 7060 1217   Fax 0871 433 6472   e-mail